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Twin Flame Masterclass

In this course we explore the fundamentals of the Twin Flame journey and how to recognize your true divine partner. We provide tools to assist with overcoming heartbreak, stopping obsession, and aligning with your soul. After completing this course you will be able to raise your vibration to come into alignment with your Twin Flame if you choose, or heal your life and move on. We have done all the research and present it in one package in this ultimate six week Masterclass. 
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What you will get from this course

Learn everything about Twin Flames and the Twin Flame Journey in six dynamic, interactive weeks.
  • 25 Masterclass Videos you can watch on demand
  • 6 Weekly Journal Prompts to guide your personal journey
  • 6 Weekly Guided Meditations to assist your soul alignment
    • 20+ additional pages of supplemental material
    • A Private Online Community (not Facebook!)
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