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In Celtic tradition, it was believed that the soul surrounds the body, and when two people for a special and lasting bond their souls connect, and they are said to have found their “anam cara”, or soul friend. We are delighted you have connected with us here, and hope that we will continue to build our friendship with you. Let's learn together!
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Jennifer Love and Avery Rose are the co-creators of Anam Cara. They first met in 2017 while diving into their spiritual development and being mentored by the same teacher. After experiencing their own separate spiritual awakening they decided to leave their corporate gigs and focus on being their authentic selves by connecting with the spiritual realm and sharing their light with others.

Jennifer Love is an Angel Intuitive, Feminine Embodiment Coach and Energy Guide. She is the creator of the Angel Wellness Therapy ™ Method after years of metaphysical training and working one on one with clients. As a gifted body reader, she is also the owner of the Body Story Studio ®, a place to heal and learn to love yourself and live fully in your body. She loves to teach about spirituality, feminine movement, and uses her intuitive gifts to awaken the sacred divine guidance within others. 

Avery Rose is an Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach. She has studied with world renowned spiritual teachers and is a Certified Angel Tarot Reader, Certified Angel Guide, Crystal & Reiki Master, and Past Life Regressionist. Avery opened Free Spirit Intuitive Healing in 2018 and continues to work 1:1 with clients. She is also passionate about teaching how to tap into your intuition and helping you to find your soul's purpose along the spiritual journey.

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I have had the pleasure of meeting Avery and Jennifer through a course I took. They are both amazing and have wonderful gifts that will help you grow in your own journey. I know their knowledge has helped me grow!
-Danielle K.

No Egos Here

Avery and Jennifer are two fantastic women to have on your 'spiritual team'. I am very discerning when it comes to spiritual teachers and what I love most about them is their kind and gentle energy. I also greatly admire and appreciate how down to earth they both are. No egos here! If you need someone to help you on your spiritual journey, look no further!
-Vicki W.

Intuitive Superstars

Avery and Jennifer are intuitive superstars! They rock, they're empathetic and lovely. They are always helpful and on point. Thank you ladies for your divine service.
-Carlos M.

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